Luis Reyes Escate

Latin America Program Director

MA Latin American Studies, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
MPhil Social Anthropology, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
BA Anthropology and International Political Economy, The College of Idaho

Luis Reyes comes from a small Peruvian town called Subtanjalla, located four hours south of Lima, the capital city of Peru. Of Afro-Peruvian heritage, since his childhood, Luis has been interested in knowing more about the lands that exist beyond what his elders were able to see with their own eyes.

This desire motivated him to embark on a long journey that would make him leave his town at the age of thirteen. He first went to study in Lima and then, at age seventeen, continued his studies in Costa Rica. Two years later, Luis moved to Idaho to study his undergrad in Anthropology.

When he finished college, he went back to Peru, where he worked for an indigenous NGO. A year later, he continued with his journey and went to live for two years in the south of Brazil and about six months in the Bolivian Yungas with the Afrobolivian community of Tocaña. His travels later took him to the Netherlands and, after six years abroad, he finally returned home.

For the last two years, Luis has been living in Peru, teaching at a university in Lima and doing intensive anthropological research work in his own town while helping his grandparents on their little farm. Besides travelling, Luis loves soccer, cycling and writing.

Luis joined Dragons as the Latin American Program Director and has as his main goal to contribute to maintaining the flame of the Dragons’ spirit of letting the wisdom of the people and the lands “where there be dragons” to speak for themselves, and by doing so, to make the world and each of the people that take part of the Dragons’ journeys become the better version of themselves.