Student Programming

Experiential and immersive international programming

Collaborative work with Dragons will increase the depth and quality of your organization’s experience, while reducing cost, hassle, and risk.

After 25 years of running immersive international programming, Dragons has developed strategies, and best practices in intercultural facilitation and global education- and we want to share all of that with you.

Dragons Partnerships are safe, economical, sustainable, and offer less hassle with higher learning outcomes. Our experienced field staff is comprised of over 1,000 guides with intimate in-country knowledge and extensive safety training. Dragons collaborates directly with organizations to develop original programs that provide profound learning opportunities abroad. Our long-standing in-country relationships offer participants unique, authentic access to local communities and issues. Dragons Partnerships model best practices in low-impact travel, from the ways we support communities to where we eat and sleep. Dragons manages all details and logistical components of the program, including communication, paperwork, and risk management systems.

Dragons Partnerships Offer:

  • A Co-Powered Process: Each collaborative program includes a dynamic exchange of ideas, goals, and planning between Dragons and your institution.
  • Intimate and Authentic Experiences: Programs intentionally operate in small groups for unconventional and authentic engagement with self, with place, and communities.
  • Intentional Progression: Partnership programs inspire genuine, thoughtful participant engagement. Instructors are exceptional teachers to place and expert facilitators.


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