Administrative Support

Ongoing Consulting, Coaching. and Collaboration

In a partnership, Dragons industry-leading risk-management expertise is behind you 100%. From admissions to regional expertise, our extraordinary administrative team is available for your needs.

The foundation of every partnership

  • Partnerships Team

    We understand the inherent challenges in navigating the needs and expectations of diverse stakeholders. The Partnerships Team supports your work to meet faculty, student, parent, and administration expectations by sharing language and tools that generate buy-in for ethical, growth oriented, and safe student programming.

  • Risk Management Team

    As you approach risk assessment and mitigation, Dragons Risk Management Team equips you with nearly 30 years of institutional experience, tried and tested systems and personnel, and profound regional expertise in program areas. While in the field, our emergency response team offers 24/7 coverage and customized lines of communication to work with your team.

  • Regional Program Direction

    Dragons Program Directors bring years of in-field teaching and administrative expertise specific to their region. Program Directors work with you to develop seamless transitions from on-campus curriculum to in-field experiences, and to provide detailed overviews of student travel program opportunities. Many also work as professional facilitators who lead teacher trainings and support student group preparation for travel.

  • Liability, Contracting, Insurance

    Every partnership offers enrollment in International SOS emergency evacuation and medical consultation insurance. Our contracting process formalizes Dragons commitment to your needs and to actively managing the safety of participants from top to bottom.

Access & Engagement