Tuition Transparency

Kids will invest more when they feel they’re being invested in.”
–Michelle Obama, parent of a Dragons student


We know that expenses continue to increase, and a summer or Gap Year program might be a significant investment for your family. Here are a few reasons why you get more when you travel with us:

  • Exceptional Students: Surround yourself with the most curious, engaged, and inspired youth of your generation.
  • Small Groups: With 12 students and 3 professional educators (an industry best ratio), we offer premium and personalized mentorship, which supports increased independence and skill development.
  • Trusted Travel Partner: Here is a list of schools and universities who choose us as their trusted travel partner.
  • Program Length: Our programs are often longer than other options. If you’re going to travel and hope to make meaningful connections with people and place, then  make your time count and go longer.


Our goal is to provide some level of financial assistance to more than 50% of our families.

We have pricing levels for all incomes and financial situations, because we know some families need a lot of support and some families need a little support. Click here to apply for any level of financial assistance.

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Standard Tuition

You pay 100%

Early Bird Icon

Early Bird Tuition*

$500 – $750 off

Equity icon

Sliding Scale**

5% – 20% off

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20% – 95% off

* Detail on Early Bird Tuition:

  • Registering for a SUMMER program – early bird pricing ends December 1st.
  • Registering for a FALL semester – early bird pricing ends January 1st.
  • Registering for a SPRING semester – early bird pricing ends July 1st.

** Detail on Sliding Scale and Scholarships:

  • Sliding Scale Pricing and Scholarships are about increasing access to our programs and decreasing your financial stress. Through our equity pricing process, we look at your overall financial situation; if there is a gap between our standard tuition amount and your expected family contribution to your semester or gap year program, then we try to bridge that gap through our Sliding Scale.
  • Beyond Sliding Scale Pricing, we also offer Scholarships. Scholarships are competitive—we award a limited number of merit and need-based scholarships ranging from 45% – 95% off tuition.
  • Every financial situation is unique, and household income is only one factor assessing financial support needed. We also understand that tax returns can skew income in various ways, and we work with every family to understand your holistic financial situation. We encourage anyone to apply for financial support.


You deserve to know where your tuition gets spent. Students’ tuitions are distributed to realize maximum in-country learning and to ensure maximum participant safety. On average, summer and semester tuitions are distributed as follows:

Additional questions? Please contact us.

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