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Adult Programs

Dragons adult journeys access extraordinary beauty while engaging authentically in the lives, cultures and traditions of communities along the Map’s Edge

Better than a solo journey. an experience more than a trip.

Discover the joys of authentic, immersive, sustainable and expertly guided adventures in the world’s most intriguing locales.  In the context of rich and contrasting cultural realities, adult participants have the opportunity to step away from the rhythms of daily routines to find deeper meaning within their own lives.  On an Adult Program, you can expect to learn from the same program components and travel philosophy that are hallmarks of our student programming.  

Access the world in a way you never have before!

A Learning Adventure
Sustainable & Ethical
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2018/2019 Adult Programs

If you’re ready for a different kind of adventure, you’ve come to the right place.


Dragons Adult programs draw on the richest experiences of place while attending to individual participant goals, responding appropriately to risk issues, and facilitating a highly educational, often transformative adventure.


Stay healthy and rested while enjoying deep immersion

Expand your comfort zone to learn more by day. Care for the health and wellness of your body by night.

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Travel with experienced, knowledgeable and culturally fluent guides

Through unique program design and expert facilitation, enjoy a dynamic learning experience that responds to evolving realities and makes the most of each day.

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Authentically engage with communities and place

Deeply connect with local communities through unique, sustainable travel experiences in small, intimate cohorts. Experience dramatically different realities and build genuine relationships to people and place.

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