Setting the foundation for effective cross-cultural engagement

Consulting and administrative development is part and parcel of a partnership package. More focused consulting work around resource development, risk management systems, and program/curriculum design specific to particular projects is also available as a customized program within a broader partnership. When beginning a consultation project, we identify our end-point, come up with a budget, and build a time-line for execution. In our process we will:

  1. Containers: Present a shared mental model that articulates all aspects of our work with the student experience at center. We also introduce a process and timeline for moving through these myriad layers of global programming.
  2. Discovery: We work to gather information through sharing materials and interviewing relevant staff and administrators.
  3. Data: We gather data on past incidents and near misses from past programs.
  4. Follow-up: We host conversations with key players and review significant data to identify trends, causes, and important learning.
  5. Review: We pull together the big picture and identify significant areas for growth and change.
  6. Advise:  Pulling from Dragons resources and beyond, we chart a course for ongoing improvement to address gaps.

Consulting projects can be as narrow, or expansive as needed. We can hone in on a specific international travel program or issue, or take a holistic approach to school-wide global programming.

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