Fostering cross-cultural engagement

We provide consulting services for schools, non-profits and businesses. Our partners prioritize effective learning, team-building and conflict resolution in the service of intercultural needs. As a partner, Dragons reviews your organization’s systems and culture and offers pathways to more effective work in a cross-cultural context. Dragons’ consultation process progressively employs unique global programming to address questions and needs of a variety of organizations. In the consulting process, we’ll engage your organization in considering the following:

  • What can Dragons offer my organization?
  • Are we addressing quality, safety and sustainability in our programming?
  • What does Dragons recommend for our organization?
  • What resources are available to us in the implementation process?
  • Where can Dragons provide direct support for the development of new skills, systems, and tools?
  • Where do we need to look for outside support?
  • How will we communicate, make adjustments and gauge success?
  • Where can we continue to grow and evolve our programming?


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