Optional College Credit



On select Gap Semesters, including China, India, Guatemala, Nepal, and South America, students can take a language course for-credit. All students study language as part of the program, but you can elect to receive college-credit for your participation in this learning process. Optional for-credit language courses are worth 4 semester credits and we offer three different levels in each target language.

  • [China] Mandarin Language Study – Levels I, II, and III (CHIN 150/250/350; 4 credits)
  • [Guatemala & South America] Spanish Language Study Level I, II & III (SPAN 150/250/350; 4 credits)
  • [Nepal & India] Nepali Language Study – Levels I, II, & III (NPL 150/250/350; 4 credits)

In addition, students on the above mentioned Gap Semesters can petition to take a second course for-credit. This option is for students who feel that it is essential that they take 2 for-credit courses/8 credits in order to be able to participate in the Gap Semester. Other for-credit courses which may be available upon petition, include Regional Seminar, Independent Study Project (ISP): Methods and Application, or Intercultural Development and Global Citizenship. Additional course offerings on Gap Semester (beyond the language course) are contingent based on student interest and faculty availability.


Students who enroll in an optional for-credit course will be invoiced additional fees on top of the land cost, as noted below.

For-Credit Course Fees



Flat Transcript Fee
For-Credit Academic Fee (per course)
TOTAL COST (1 course)
TOTAL COST (2 courses)


For-credit students will receive a transcript from Dragons School of Record after successful completion of the program.

To read more about the for-credit course option visit our FAQ Page or contact us to learn about registration deadlines or for copies of sample syllabi.
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