Trainings & Workshops

Professional development for effective leadership

Dragons leadership trainings and workshops take participants through an active learning process to challenge comfort zones and assumptions and to model refined cross-cultural facilitation. Our professional development workshops stimulate conversation and professional exchange around best practices for global programming.



Teaching Global CitizenshipCommunity Engagement

Role-modeling responsible cross-cultural relationship-building:

  • Cross-cultural power and privilege facilitation
  • Critical approaches to service learning and learning to serve
  • Home-stay development and management

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Building cross-cultural empathy and understanding:

  • Intercultural nonviolent communication and conflict transformation
  • Intercultural engagement in rural and urban communities
  • Authentic leadership style cultivation

Risk Management

Safely and effectively introducing risk as a mechanism for transformative learning:

  • Institutional risk tolerance standards and risk management systems alignment
  • Cross-cultural decision-making models
  • Health and safety management abroad
  • Critical incident and emergency response plan development

Program and Curriculum Design

Developing effective cross-cultural engagement:

  • Experiences that allow participants to participate in authentic relationship with self and with place
  • Progressive program sequence towards participant empowerment, independence and self-reliance


Sharpening skills in teaching, leading, and professional development:

  • Tone-setting and group culture
  • Creating safe, inclusive spaces
  • Experiential toolkit development


Connecting knowledge, wisdom, and skills from programming abroad with the rest of a students life:

  • Transference begins on day one
  • The transference flow: five groups of activities to ensure a healthy transition and deepen learning
  • Specific tools and activities for effective transference

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