Sample Weekend Retreat Schedule

A lot can happen in a weekend.
WELCOME AND ARRIVAL Settle into rooms return for dinner.
Evening Session: THE SHARED MENTAL MODEL Our first session together will focus on constructing a shared mental model for experiential global education. We’ll take time to set the tone, actively constructing an inclusive and safe space for personal and group exploration of key concepts and principles of our practice. Personal introductions and an introduction to a shared mental model for student-centered, choice-driven, global citizenship education and authentic leadership.
Early Morning Activity Sound Mapping exercise (optional)
Breakfast Our first breakfast together.
Morning Session: GROUP FACILITATION IN A CROSS-CULTURAL CONTEXT This morning we will take a deep dive into the nuanced differences and unique skill-sets required for facilitating group experiences for greater levels of depth and effectiveness. Beginning with the core competencies of facilitation, we’ll move through a progression of framing and debriefing, the teachable moment and the importance of container building in the first 24, 48 and 72 hours of a group experience. Before lunch we continue on the thread of the role of the facilitator, this time shifting our focus to how we can maximize group inclusion, manage the group life-cycle with intention, and help introduce, as well as resolve tension within and amongst individual participants in a group experience.
LUNCH Something nourishing and wonderful.
Afternoon Session: RISK AS GROWTH Our afternoon session begins with and exploration of the fundamental principles of risk management, the layers of our institutional risk management systems, and dives into scenarios and case studies drawn from 25 years of student programming. We’ll wrap up the day with a small group debrief.
DINNER Great food and Daily Debrief
Early Morning Activity Morning Hike (optional)
BREAKFAST Our last breakfast together.
Morning Session: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT COURSE DESIGN AND TRANSFERENCE Sunday morning, we take a critical look at cross-cultural service learning, facilitation for cultural competency, and best practices for working with students in homestays. How can we bring attention to our cultural biases, address issues of power and privilege, and engage in relationship with host communities in a way that is sensitive, responsible, and educational.
LUNCH Departures after lunch.