Financial Aid

Dragons offers financial aid to participants who demonstrate financial need.


Step 1 – Fill out an online application.
Step 2 – Write a cover letter to accompany your online application.

The cover letter should include:

  • The small group travel program you hope to attend
  • The exact amount of tuition that you can contribute towards the cost of your program. (It is very rare for Dragons to offer a full tuition coverage). The more you are able to contribute, the greater the likelihood that we’ll be able to support you with aid.
  • Anything that we should know about your financial situation.
Step 3 – Include copies of your most recent Federal tax return.
Step 4 – Submit your cover letter and pertinent financial aid information.
  • EMAIL: [email protected]
  • FAX: 303.413.0857
  • MAIL: Where There Be Dragons
    1905 15th Street #4129
    Boulder, CO 80306
    Attention: Adult Programs


Once we have received your completed program application, cover letter, and supplemental financial documents our Admissions Team will conduct an initial review. If we determine that we may be able to support your financial aid request, we will contact you to schedule a phone consultation. Please note that this is the next step in the process and not a guarantee of receiving aid. Once your file is complete, we will evaluate our ability to provide you financial support. An offer or decline will be communicated by email.


Aid applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit your request early so that we can consider it in our first round of reviews.

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