These videos were created with images, words, and music recorded by Dragons students and instructors in collaboration with local communities from over 19 countries who shared their homes, temples, villages, families, music, and presence with us. If you want to know what it feels, looks, and sounds like to be on a Dragons program, turn the volume on and hit play.



In this video, we asked 25 Dragons instructors to share why they believe in global citizenship education. Hear what they had to say.


Videos From our Student Programming

Independent Study Projects

Dragons students are paired with local mentors to study a particular craft, cultural tradition, or particular question in greater depth.


Dragons students are travelers not tourists. On course, we respect cultural norms by staying in family-owned accommodations and taking local transportation.


Every Dragons student is matched 1:1 with a local family. Homestays allow students to build meaningful connections within the host community.

Language Study

Dragons does not expect participants to come with language skills, nor to master them. Dragons does expect students to interact with locals and build a vocabulary.

Learning Service

Making a long-term investment in the community, Dragons participants may volunteer as a whole group, in smaller sub-groups, or individually.

Religious & Spiritual Traditions

Dragons participants are introduced to the commonly shared religious and philosophical thinking that has helped to shape diverse cultures.


From strolls to the strenuous, some dragons hike over 16,000ft passes in the Andes; others walk to waterfalls outside a homestay village.

Social & Environmental Justice

Each Dragons study abroad course explores a range of development issues, from health care, to resource management, to environmental studies.


A 3-minute video, narrated by Dragons Alumni, that weaves together imagery of the places, people, and programming components that bring Dragons courses to life.

Skill Building