Our Approach

curated itineraries, an immersive curriculum, and long standing in-country relationships.

It’s not easy to find travel opportunities for adults where you get to be immersed in the culture. Not just visit and take pictures and say that you got to see these places, but truly become one with the culture, learn about it, live within it, converse and live with the locals and learn from their lives as well.
– Allegra C, Participant Senegal: Music & Mysticism

What does it mean to engage in a “holistic travel experience?”

At Dragons, we believe that the human experience is complex, layered, and multidimensional. When we connect with the many aspects of what it means to be human, there is a profound capacity for a more meaningful engagement with life. Our programs are well-rounded, holistic learning experiences that bring into view the whole person.

To engage the mind: We offer lessons, guest lectures, and activities designed to help participants develop a greater understanding of critical issues in development, conservation, global healthcare, and evolving political realities.

To engage the body: We seek out new learning opportunities within the fabric of everyday life: cooking a traditional Mayan dish with an abuelita in Guatemala, studying a time-honored artistic tradition with a master Nepali artisan, or learning vibrant drum rhythms with a professional musician in Senegal.

To Engage the Heart and Soul: Each program offers an element of self-restoration and reflection through activities such as ashram stays, ceremony, and guided reflection prompts. At times simply connecting with the beauty of ancient traditions and the magnificence of the earth’s wild spaces can be deeply and soulfully nourishing.

How we do it

We offer an opportunity to engage with culture and place through a unique combination of our Program Elements. Each element helps guide the journey and gives participants opportunities to engage with local host communities.

What to Expect