Partnership Process

A Collaborative Process

Each partnership starts with a conversation to clarify your goals and vision. We then identify and develop the services, scope, and sequence of our working relationship, which may include any of combination consulting, training and program development. These services work in concert to foster a cultural shift towards more transformative, safe, and ethical engagement across cultures. No matter how large the scope of our collaboration, we consider each partnership an investment in the long-term success of your institution’s global programming.

Align the Vision

We begin with the end in mind: The first step is working together to articulate and visualize the end-goal of our work together. What is the ideal global programming model for your institution? What does success look like?


Propose Scope and Sequence

Dragons’ program components are the building blocks for the participant experience and allow for a holistic depth of engagement on every course. Our nine program components include home-stays, trekking, focus of inquiry, independent research, language study, rugged travel, service learning, development studies, and religion and philosophy.


Adjust and Refine the Plan

Every course is developed using authentic in-country experiences, skill-building, and community-building methodology. Dragons courses encourage participants to practice, fail forward, and inspire peer leadership. Each course is driven by unique, in-country assets.


Execute Programming

Dragons carefully curates working itineraries that honor and support the mission and culture of partnering organizations. Dragons drafts and refines itineraries to best meet the needs and goals of the organizations.


Feedback and Adjustment

Dragons provides multi-day pre-course preparation workshops and trainings prior to the course departure. Pre-course curriculum can be facilitated in online or in-person workshops and ensures all participants come on programs confident and prepared.

Our Partners