What Makes Us Different

Cultivating connections through immersive & responsible travel

We don’t do bus tours, zip lines, or photo ops. Instead, we let the grandeur of the locations and the wisdom of community voices speak for us. Over the past three decades, our work has created a global community representing over 20 countries and countless languages, NGOs, religions, host families, perspectives, and stories.

Dragons programs are designed to push participants out of their comfort zone to examine their assumptions, values, and world views. When we engage wholeheartedly with multiple realities and seek out fresh perspectives, we become more empathetic and better versions of ourselves.


Our travel is environmentally conscientious, culturally aware, and focused on creating sincere connections with local communities.  We honor local traditions and offer longer programs to reduce our ecological and cultural footprints. 


We don’t hit the repeat button on our trips. Each instructor team creates a one-of-a-kind itinerary based on their passions and personal connections. Because we run a limited number of programs, we can focus on quality and provide personalized support before, during, and after each course.


When not guiding with Dragons, our instructors are graduate students, U.N. development professionals, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, veteran wilderness guides, and career teachers. Instructors are selected based on their group facilitation skills, local language fluency, and regional experience. 


We strive to adapt to the places we travel, rather than asking those places to adapt to us. Our programs are immersive and comprehensive. We apprentice with artists, live with families, and engage with scholars, farmers, sages, and community leaders alike. 


A typical Dragons group has 12 participants and 3 instructors. A  4:1 ratio allows each person to receive individual support and personalized mentorship. The intimate group dynamic of this small cohort fosters friendships and learning that lasts a lifetime.


We embrace an offline, unplugged, and fully present travel experience. Group dynamics are carefully facilitated to foster safe dialogue and an inclusive group spirit. Participants return home with a shared experience and connection to the Dragons global community.

Social & Environmental Responsibility