The Flatirons rise above Boulder, Colorado. Photo by Simon Hart.

Rocky Mountain Seminar

Best Practices in Global Education

A Professional Development Seminar For Educators

4 Days

A leadership retreat for administrators, directors of global studies, and coordinators of travel abroad and community service. Tuition includes meals and lodging.

Oct 23 - Oct 26, 2024
Number of Participants

30 Participants



plus airfare.

  • Open
Suggested Ages

All ages

Tuition Details

Tuition is all inclusive aside from airfare & insurance.

Program Overview

Under the Flatirons...

Each autumn, we host a four-day seminar for educators in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, focusing on best practices in global  education.

What are the best practices for managing risks involved in facilitating student travel? How do we add value to each multicultural opportunity at home and away? How do we facilitate activities that encourage empathy, self-awareness and leadership in our students?

In the Rocky Mountain Seminar we bring the best of our training practices to you and offer a toolkit of activities and lessons that you can share with your faculty and students either in the classroom or in the field. We are excited to share what we have learned in our thirty years of experience facilitating global experiential education programming.

Our Rocky Mountain Seminar is an interactive salon that encourages participants to come with tools that have been successful in their global programs to share with others.

Seminar tuition includes food and lodging. Please plan to arrive in Boulder by 5:30 pm on Wednesday, and to depart Boulder after 1 pm on Saturday. Local ground transportation to from DIA is possible via public transportation on the RTD Skyride (1 hr).

Sample Itinerary
Topics Include:
  • Risk Management: How to identify, assess, and manage risks abroad
  • Curriculum: An introduction to our GAL curriculum (global citizenship, awareness of self, and leadership skills) with suggestions for how to weave it into your travel itineraries and school programming
  • Tone-Setting and Pre-Course Curriculum: Preparing students for encounters with a foreign reality through intentional tone-setting, aligning expectations, and goal-setting activities
  • Facilitation: Guiding students through complex issues of diversity, development, inequality, peace-building, gender issues, religious conflict and environmental complexities
  • Transference and Post-Course Curriculum: Ideas for ways to debrief experiences and build a progression of activities that allow students to process, internalize, and integrate experiences into the fabrics of their lives.
  • Learning Service: How to invest in our students and our communities by facilitating meaningful exchanges and building sustainable relationships
  • Cultural Engagement: Tips for preparing for home-stays, language learning, and independent study with local mentors
  • Container Building & Group Dynamics: maintaining a supportive, emotional container for our students with room for independent growth

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