5:00am wake ups are easier when these mountains call for you to get out of your tent. Photo by Cecelia Palmquist (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest, 1st Place), Nepal Semester.


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Dragons Alumni – Where Are They Now?

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In celebration of our 30th year anniversary, we have been catching up with our Dragons Alumni. It’s thrilling to hear back from so many people after three, eight, and even 24 years from their student program. They’ve gone on to do amazing things — from accomplished academics to titans of the tech world to teachers to raising families…and even a few current Dragons instructors! We are inspired by their experiences and humbled to learn how traveling with Dragons can have incredible benefits that unfold and blossom over a lifetime. We hope you enjoy their stories. Lauren (Gavin) Rebagliati  Nepal/Tibet Summer... Read More
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