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From Nepal to Nicaragua; China to Cambodia; climate change to Islamic identity; learning service to development, our experiential 3 to 14-day courses engage educators from around the world in critical global issues while training new skills.

cross-cultural & experiential education

After 25 years of running rugged international travel programs for high school, gap, and college students, we have learned lessons, developed strategies, and honed our systems– and we want to share all that we’ve learned with you.

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Core Curriculum

Dragons Educator Courses are challenging and intimate experiences that push educators to discover a passion for experiential education, build new skills, explore travel ethics, and develop personal connections to issues of global significance. We train participants in cross-cultural facilitation skills and share strategies and resources for designing a comprehensive course curriculum.


Develop practical skills for leading cross-cultural experiential education programs

Training modules include risk management, program and curriculum design, cross-cultural facilitation, and considerations for global community engagement. Sharpen your edge as an educator, and learn new skills to bring back to your classroom.

Skill Building

ACCESS & engagement

Authentically engage with communities and place

Deeply connect with local communities through unique, sustainable travel experiences in small, intimate cohorts. Expand your comfort zones with colleagues and build genuine relationships to people and place.

Access & Engagement


Explore topics of critical global significance

Through home-stays, visits with local organizations, and conversations with farmers, teachers, and youth leaders, immerse yourselves in dynamic dialogue and rich perspectives led by experienced facilitators.

Global Issues

Community: Our greatest asset

Get Connected…Stay Connected

Whether you are new to Dragons or Alumni, we offer many ways to connect and stay engaged…

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Community News
  • Overheard on the Yak Board (from the Bolivia Educator Course)

    "The trip challenged my life, my choices, and cemented my commitment to teach my students and make relevant their own dependence on this world of ours..." <a href="http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/news/overheard-on-the-yak-board-from-the-bolivia-educator-course" style="color:#61818F;text-decoration:none">Read more »</a>

  • All Staff Training is Coming…

    What does that have to do with hay bales and digging clay? (Pictured) There are rumors of a homemade bread oven at the camp site. Be sure to check our Instagram account regularly for updates and images and stories, live behind-the-scenes of Dragons all-staff training. <a href="http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/news/all-staff-training-is-coming" style="color:#61818F;text-decoration:none">Read more »</a>

  • Featured College Study Abroad Refection: “In Nepal I learned…”

    "As our study abroad program comes to a close, the group wanted to anonymously share some thoughts about that which we experienced, observed, and learned over these many months..." <a href="http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/news/featured-college-study-abroad-refection-in-nepal-i-learned" style="color:#61818F;text-decoration:none">Read more »</a>

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