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For decades we’ve offered an alternative to mainstream travel and tourism. Discover the rare opportunity to slow down, experience the day-to-day life of the communities we visit, and get a sense of what it is like to live somewhere else. Immerse yourself in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the United States.

Why Dragons

We travel responsibly, craft one-of-a-kind programs, and embrace unfiltered and unplugged experiences. Learn more.

Why Dragons

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Our values drive our actions. Read more about our B Corp certification, carbon offsetting, financial aid, and commitment to social justice.

Our Accountability

Our People

Who you travel with matters. Get to know our trusted team that will support you through every step of your experience.

Our People

Dragons and Covid-19

Travel in response to COVID-19 is evolving rapidly. Not only does this impact our approach to programming, it also deeply affects our global community partners who have made Dragons programs possible over the past 28 years. Visit COVID-19 Updates to read FAQs specific to Dragons programming and to learn what we are doing to support our in-country partners.

Covid-19 Updates
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Our Offerings

Summer Abroad + Gap Year Programs

Experience another culture through hands-on activities such as homestays, trekking, apprenticeships, and language learning. Ages 15-22.

College Study Abroad Programs

Dive into an academic curriculum that goes beyond the classroom and engages with community, language acquisition, and current regional topics. Ages 17+.

Adult Travelers, Families, Custom Trips

Reawaken your sense of curiosity and access the world in a new way. Join a program or create your own custom trip. Ages 23+.

Educator Programs

Grow professionally and gain confidence teaching global and experiential education. Join a domestic seminar or international trip. For Teachers & Administrators.


Everything from the future of the Gap Year to interviews with our administrators. Explore Dragons in the news.


Dragons has partnered with 50+ esteemed schools and universities across the country to run transformative student programming abroad. Learn about Partnerships.


We are continually striving to meet the highest standards of safety, social and environmental performance, and quality international education. View certifications and more.

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Community News
  • Fall 2021 International Travel Outlook

    Heartened by the recent trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re balancing our growing optimism for a return to international fall semester programming in 2021 with a healthy dose of cautiousness. <a href="http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/news/fall-2021-international-travel-outlook" style="color:#61818F;text-decoration:none">Read more »</a>

  • Summer 2021 International Travel Outlook

    How we're balancing our growing optimism for a return to international summer programs, with a healthy dose of cautiousness and very thorough assessments of each area we plan to visit. <a href="http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/news/summer-2021-international-travel-outlook" style="color:#61818F;text-decoration:none">Read more »</a>

  • A Return Home

    Across cultures stories are told about a hero’s journey to distant lands, only to find that what they seek is where the journey began: home. <a href="http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/news/dragons-update-jan-2021" style="color:#61818F;text-decoration:none">Read more »</a>

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