Skill Building

Dragons trains to techniques in empathy-building, risk management, and experiential learning.

Values of Global Citizenship are caught, not taught. They are caught when students engage deeply with the lives of people who live radically different realities than they’re own – experiences that evince empathy. On our Educator programs, we train teachers in best practices to most effectively and most safely facilitate empathy. On each Educator course, we go deep with course-specific place-based curriculum. But we also train educators how to best create the largest available value-attaching, empathy-learning zones for students in their own work.

With an understanding that student experiences are most rewarding and profound when they feel safe and when boundaries are clearly identified, we train educators to create an effective “container” for their students. A large part of which is training to best practices in risk management. We also train to time-tested methodologies in how to realize the greatest learnings from home-stays, service learning, and other encounters with a new social and physical landscape. We train to experiential learning exercises that realize profound learnings of place and understanding of self.

Additionally, we share curriculum and exercises that promote a deeper consideration of the human experience and what we think of when we consider “quality of life.” While engaging in program components and shared debriefing and reflections, we engage in thoughtful dialogue and curriculum-development that evolves our understanding of how we think of the human corporeal, social, creative and natural selves.

Access & Engagement