What to Expect

Experiential. Educational. Immersive.

I’m in a state of transition now, with my kids growing up… which means letting go of some things and embracing others. Very sweetly, my four children all sent me off on this journey with words of wisdom and inspiration–just as I’ve sent them off on their own adventures. In fact, two of them are Dragons graduates themselves! Now, the tables have turned and though I’m the mom, they are drawing on their Dragons experience to support me on my journey!
– Mika C, Participant Nepal: Ashrams & Artisans

What you do

On a Dragons program, participants engage with local communities in an experiential, educational, and immersive way. On a given day, participants visit sites of historical and cultural significance, engage in apprenticeships with master artisans and musicians, and listen to guest lecturers speak on relevant topics. Participants have the opportunity to reflect upon their lives through mindfulness activities and journal prompts. They stroll through vibrant markets, drink tea with community members, and rest in places rich with natural beauty.


Where you stay

All aspects of a Dragons experience, from ground transportation to hotel selection, consider the impacts and benefits on the communities in which we engage. We choose lodging based on character, comfort and safety, as well as the hotel’s economic impact on the local community. Participants stay in guest houses (twin share), spiritual centers, and in the homes of community members. During our 2-3 nights in a community stay, participants have their own room and bed within the home of a local community member and meet with the group daily for guided learning activities.


Who you’re with

We love our participants! The people who are attracted to the Dragons way of traveling are enthusiastic about learning, open minded, flexible, and ready to share themselves with new people from radically differing cultural perspectives. Solo travelers, couples, and friends join our small group travel programs while our custom designed trips attract families and groups of friends or colleagues.

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