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Dragons partnerships

For schools and universities that work in the sphere of global and experiential education, we offer trainings, consulting services, and the industry’s best collaborative student programming.


Through over 25 years of designing and executing transformative educational experiences in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, we have built and refined tools, systems, and processes for effective cross-cultural leadership. Our dynamic team of experienced international facilitators will deepen and enhance your work in global and experiential education.

Our Approach
The Partnership Process

Our Services

The services we provide work together to foster an overall shift in the culture of your organization towards more effective, profound and ethical engagement across cultures. Each partnership starts with a conversation to clarify your goals and vision as an organization. We then identify and develop the scope and sequence of our working relationship, which may include any of combination consulting, training and program development. No matter how large the scope of our collaboration, we consider each partnership an investment in the long-term success of your institution.

Student programming

Partner with the industry’s best program designers and experiential educators

Carefully facilitated cultural immersion programs designed to expand your learning zone, build group culture, and inculcate empathetic leadership capacity and self awareness.

About Student Programming

Trainings & Workshops

Develop intercultural leadership and communication skills

Dynamic workshops and retreats to build skills and capacity for effective leadership in a cross-cultural context.

About Trainings & Workshops


Broaden institutional knowledge of risk issues, realize deeper levels of cross-cultural engagement

Models, tools, systems, and strategies to identify gaps and needs and build safe, ethical engagement in the world.

About Consulting


Each partnership is unique, offering a customized combination of resources and services to meet your needs.  Through careful communication and relationship-building, we bring access to an enormous wealth of knowledge and expertise in experiential global education and institutional leadership.

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Whether you are new to Dragons or Alumni, we offer many ways to connect and stay engaged…

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Updates from the Field
  • Dear Lola…
    • 2019 Fall Gap
    • Nepal: Himalayan Studies - Group A
    • Student Programs
    • Yak of the Week
  • Thursday, December 5, Jakarta
    • 2019 Fall Gap
    • Indonesia: Community, Culture, & Conservation
    • Student Programs
    • Yak of the Week
    • Transference
    • Homecoming
  • Many, many thanks
    • 2019 Fall Gap
    • Mekong: The Tibetan Plateau to the Heart of Southeast Asia
    • Student Programs
    • Yak of the Week
    • Transference
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Community News
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  • Featured Student Ambassador Reflection

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  • #GivingTuesday and How You Can Help Make Global Education not “just a privilege thing”

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