Financial Aid

Dragons offers financial aid to outstanding summer and semester applicants who demonstrate financial need.

The information below is intended for students applying to summer or gap semester programs with Dragons. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship for a college program, please click here.

Who is eligible?

Any student that demonstrates reasonable financial need is eligible to apply for financial aid. When awarding financial aid, we look for applicants who are curious, driven and ready to fully engage with communities around the world. These students are interested in cultivating self-awareness, global citizenship and leadership skills within themselves, and we hope that they’ll inspire others to do the same. Due to the high volume of applicants, the process is competitive. Approximately 20% of our students go abroad with some level of financial assistance each year. Please note that applying for a financial aid does not guarantee a space on a Dragons program.

How to apply for a financial aid

Step 1 – Fill out an online application.

*Please DO NOT submit a program deposit. The $850 deposit is waived for all financial aid applicants.

Step 2 – Write us a cover letter to accompany your online application.

The cover letter should include:

      • Your top 3 program choices. We cannot guarantee a spot on your first choice program, and being flexible will increase your chances of receiving aid.
      • The exact amount of money that you can contribute towards the cost of your program. (It is very rare for Dragons to offer a full tuition coverage). The more you are able to contribute, the greater the likelihood that we’ll be able to support you with aid. Please be precise; if we do not have this information, we cannot consider your application.
      • Specific information about any previous financial assistance that you have received for summer programs or school tuition.
      • Information about the parent/guardian who will be covering the remainder of your tuition costs.
      • Anything else that we should know about your financial situation.


Step 3 – Include copies of your most recent Student Aid Report (SAR), FAFSA Form or BOTH of your parents’ most recent Federal tax return.

*If only one parent is contributing to the cost of the program, please explain the circumstances in your cover letter.

Submit your cover letter and pertinent financial aid information via:

FAX: 303.413.0857
MAIL: Where There Be Dragons
741 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302


When we have received your completed program application, cover letter, and supplemental financial documents, our Admissions Team will conduct an initial review. If we determine that we may be able to support your financial aid request, we will contact you to schedule an admissions interview. Please note that this is the next step in the process and not a guarantee of receiving aid. Once your file is complete with the addition of the phone interview, teacher recommendation, and counselor form (if applicable), our Review Committee will evaluate our ability to provide you with aid. An offer or decline will be communicated by email.


Aid applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit your request early so that we can consider it in our first round of reviews.

  • For SUMMER applications, we will begin our decisions mid January and will accept applications until all spaces have filled.
  • For FALL applications, we will begin our decisions mid April and will accept applications until all spaces have filled.
  • For SPRING  applications, we will begin our decisions mid September and will accept applications until all spaces have been filled.

Our Advice

Be patient and pro-active. We receive many more financial aid applications than we are able to support.

TIP: Would you like more help navigating this process, including advice from past recipients of financial aid? Take a look at Dragons Financial Aid Advice Sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much financial assistance can I expect to receive?
Dragons awards aid based on demonstrated financial need. An aid package may support anywhere from 10% of the land cost up to 80% of the land cost for a course. The average package covers 40% of the land cost.

How can I reserve a space on a specific program?
The only way to guarantee a spot is to pay the $850 deposit, which takes you out of consideration for financial aid. Please do not submit a deposit if you are applying for aid!

What happens if my first choice program is full?
We ask that students be flexible in their program choice. Depending on course enrollment, we are able to offer more financial aid on specific courses, and thus we do our best to match your level of financial need, as well as your course area interest.

How many scholarship students does Dragons support each session?
We support approximately 35 students each summer with financial aid, and 20 students during the fall and spring semesters. The amount of aid  provided is based on a variety of factors, including: the number of program participants, the number of financial aid applicants, the amount of need, the student’s enthusiasm and an appropriate fit for our program.

How else can I support my trip?
If we are unable to accommodate your level of financial need, don’t give up. Students fund their experiences with Dragons in many ways. This could be a good reason to get a job, to start a Kickstarter or Project Travel account, or research other ways to support your travels abroad.

Can I use my federal financial aid to pay for the program? 
Maybe. Please review the answer to this question and other FAQ about tuition and scholarships, please visit our Tuition & Financial Aid FAQ page.

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