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Global Issues At Dragons we see exceptional beauty in diversity. And we believe that the experience of connecting with unfamiliar cultures has something to teach everyone. We are dedicated to cross-cultural learning because we know that future leaders will be required to think beyond borders. Part of our work in this world is to bring what we’ve learned abroad back home to share.

Guest Teachers + Engaging Facilitation With this mission in mind, each year we send our best teachers—with years of international education experience—to schools across the United States to share their perspectives and insights with students ready to engage with critical and compelling global questions.

Bold Conversation We invite you to look at some of the conversations our staff are facilitating in classrooms around the country. Whether you are a teacher of Language Studies, Geography, Science, History, Social Studies, Religion, or Art, we hope to have a topic of interest to you. If one of the following class titles piques your curiosity, please get in touch. We’d be happy to coordinate a visit from one of our teachers to speak to your class on the subject. And if there’s a topic you would like to address that’s not on this list, let us know. It’s exactly this type of question-based collaboration with students, schools, and educators that inspires us.

As part of our educational mission, the Global Speaker Series is funded by Where There Be Dragons. There are no costs associated with requesting a speaker.

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