Sample One-Day Training Schedule

We cover a lot in a day
Introduction A Shared Mental Model
Leaning Into Risk Foundational principles and models of Risk Management
Design for Impact How do we make our curriculum relevant to students and place in a foreign setting? This session uses examples from past courses to explore how course design differs in an experiential model.
Community Engagement What are the ethical implications of community engagement and how can we prepare to understand the nuance and complexity of these relationships?
Facilitating for Depth in a Cross-Cultural Context Cross-cultural engagement provides opportunities for individuals to question their own cultural “scripts” and understand new contexts. How can we help break down assumptions and engage more deeply with place?
Transference The goal of cross-cultural engagement is to make the learning meaningful well after the experience ends. How do we facilitate the transfer of knowledge, wisdom and experience from the experience into a participant’s everyday life?
Case Studies from the Field Dynamic actor-based scenarios for dealing with leadership challenges, behavioral and contextual hurdles, and responding to health and safety cases in the field.
Closing Debrief Authenticity, presence and intention