Land & Spirit

A 10-Day Adventure For Adults

10 Days

Delve into traditional spiritual Mayan traditions: look through the lens of Mayan medicine, arts and relationship to land; learn Mayan weaving and basic language; examine how Western models of development have impacted this region and people.


Oct 25 - Nov 4, 2018

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Santiago Atitlan

Program Overview

Guatemala is a land with a history that reaches back to times well before recorded history.  More than a country, Guatemala is a collection of peoples who range from the highland Mayan peoples in the mountains to the descendants of African slaves on the Caribbean coast to the families of Spanish origin whose ancestors came seeking fortune. All of these people have distinct histories and cultures which have melded into the broader culture of this majority indigenous nation.  Guatemala is a place where tradition runs deep and often comes into conflict with Western ideas of development and progress.

Guatemala offers us an opportunity to question our ideas about imperialism, indigenous identity and the value of tradition.

We offer a glimpse into the deep past, present and future of this continent through the lens of traditional mayan medicine, arts and relationship to land. We invite you to enter into a new way of thinking and viewing the world.  It’s an opportunity to connect with people and communities who maintain traditional ways of life while constantly adapting to the modern world. Guatemala is a land of profound beauty and deep contrast.

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