Chen "Tindy" Haoting

China Instructor

B.A. in Broadcasting and Hosting from Guangdong Ocean University

Born and raised in a small village where people had lots of respect for nature in Jiangxi province in China, Tindy studied Kung Fu while little, her deep understanding of traditional Chinese culture comes from growing up with a Qi Gong master grandmother, who taught her natural healing and spiritual practice. Carrying on with a Bachelor of Art study in Guangdong Ocean university, she went on a few journeys in India to deepen her yoga studies, certified from W.F.A.S (The World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies),  since then she had been working on her yoga & healing studio for years.

Starting from 2016, Tindy began to freelance for experiential learning companies within China, Tibet, Taiwan, South east Asia, east Asia, and South America, she is fascinated with indigenous studies and culture preservation. Tindy is often remembered by her infectious laughter and her ability to connect with students through Chinese, English and Spanish. She now lives in Foshan, China with her Cuban husband and their expecting daughter.