Amina Simon

Admissions Director

B.A. Princeton University

Amina Simon graduated with high honors from Princeton University where she majored in African American Studies and received a certificate in Latin American Studies. Her interest in race, public policy, and the intersections of oppression, privilege, and identity have developed steadily over the last decade, informed by a variety of experiences both in the U.S. and abroad—including a Dragons-led program. She has been fortunate enough to live and study in several countries including the Dominican Republic, Senegal, Cuba, and China, and maintains connections with people around the globe.

As Admissions Director, Amina is dedicated to fine-tuning the admissions process and implementing initiatives to increase Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the admissions experience. Amina also manages Dragons’ B Corp Certification and is consistently looking for ways Dragons can better serve its community and environmental stakeholders. Amina is fluent in Spanish, highly proficient in Wolof, can survive in French, and can count to 10 in Mandarin (on a good day). She enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking in the Colorado mountains, and making things.