Seavyi Yonn

Cambodia Instructor

Choum Reap Sou (“Hello” in the Cambodian language),

Seavyi is originally from Battambang, the city of art and culture in the western part of Cambodia. People describe him as an easy going and welcoming person. Prior to working in tourism, Seavyi spent some time working with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and he is very passionate about exploring the complexities of foreign aid in the development sector. He is eager to engage people in gaining personal growth and creating positive change through the exchange of experiences and stories. Over the years, Seavyi has been hosting many different high school and university groups from all around the world who wish to explore and learn about Cambodia.

When he is not working, you’ll find Seavyi on his bike cycling cross-country. He finds cycling as a way to challenge himself physically and mentally and also the best way to explore Cambodia and its neighboring countries.