Juan Diego Saavedra


Born in Lima, the capital of Peru, Juan Diego always felt the need to be in nature, which is why he decided to study environmental engineering. After his studies, he was determined to look for new life challenges, which led him to study a Masters in Environmental Science at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. This led Juan Diego to explore the world, traveling and expanding his knowledge in ways he had not previously imagined. Volunteering in a children’s orphanage in Cambodia, working in an eco-village in Costa Rica and working with local communities in the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes, were all experiences that shaped the person Juan Diego is today.

Passionate about taking care of the environment and living sustainably, Juan Diego is looking to share what he has learnt throughout his life. He is also always eager to continue learning about better protecting the environment, for example through permaculture, renewable energies and environmental education. Likewise, one of his new passions is working with local Andean communities to protect and celebrate their ancestral traditions, which coexist in harmony with nature.

Thanks to his experience as a volunteer firefighter in Peru, Juan Diego is trained to be ready for an emergency at all times. As a true Latino, he loves to dance salsa and also enjoys outdoor activities, hiking and being in nature.