Shuier Zhang

China Program Director

B.A. in English Language and Education, Yunnan Normal University
M.Sc. in Translation Studies, University of Edinburgh
M.A. in Interpreting and Translation (Diplomacy), University of Westminster

Shuier is originally from the city of Kunming in Yunnan province China. Her journey with Dragons began in the summer of 2006 when she taught a group of visiting students Mandarin as part of a Dragons language intensive program. In 2008, Shuier’s parents became a host family in Kunming and they have since hosted many Dragons students over the past decade with Shuier acting as older host sister, language tutor, and informal city guide to the best noodle spots in Kunming.

After university, Shuier moved to the UK where she completed her graduate studies and worked for over a decade. She returned to China in 2016 with a desire to re-strengthen her ties to her Chinese culture and identity. It was also during this time that Shuier became a Dragons instructor and led student groups on almost every type of program that we offer in China.

Shuier possesses a uniquely comprehensive understanding of both Chinese and Western cultures as manifested linguistically in her work as a professional translator and interpreter between Mandarin and English. She loves being able to use her skills and experiences to bridge different cultures and languages. As the China Program Director, Shuier is motivated by the desire to plant seeds of curiosity, compassion, and connection in the hearts of young people vis-a-vis their experiences in China.