Hector "Teto" Morales

Guatemala & Peru Instructor

Hector Hugo Morales Cifuentes, a.k.a Teto, was born and raised in the Guatemalan western highlands. Tetox has been his nickname since he was born and everyone in his hometown calls him that. He is a Software Engineer/Systems Engineer with specialization in Software, Data Bases, Informatics, and Computer Science. He is also a Spanish Instructor and experiential educator, as well as currently studying for a Master’s of Business Administration degree, to be completed in November 2018.

Since he was a kid, he has lived in Quetzaltenango (the second largest city in Guatemala) during the weeks and in the rural areas during the weekends visiting his grandparents. There in the rural areas is where he learned how the people live here in Guatemala with no money, but with everything at the same time, surrounded by nature, rivers, and mountains. When he started college, he earned a teaching certificate and found a part time job as a Spanish Instructor. That job was the key that aroused his interest in multi-cultural exchange. He has been teaching Spanish for almost 9 years and really loves what he does. As a Spanish instructor, he learns while he teaches. Fortunately, he has taught people from all over the world. He has been working with foreign students since 2010 and has been a leader of students in Guatemala and also in Belize. He is also a musician, taught by his father – and they continue playing music together. His father was forced to leave Guatemala during the internal armed conflict. Luckily he was able to come back. His uncle, also a musician, stayed in Mexico and lives there now.

His passion is for building bridges between communities and mentoring international students. He believes the most important part of his work is the exchange of cultures and histories that takes place between himself and his students – this is essential to building more united and compassionate world.