Jen Goings

Art Director


BS Environmental Design, University of Colorado in Boulder

Jen was raised by 80’s movies (her parents owned a single-screen movie theater in rural Ohio). Inspired by the ‘big screen,’ Jen was determined to travel the world. Her first experience abroad was as a high school student on a year-long exchange to Sweden. This eye-opening, challenging and rewarding event initiated a curiosity to explore and create her own unique journey through life.

Upon returning to the US, Jen found her niche in the outdoors and the world of rock climbing. She entered the field of experiential education as an instructor for a therapeutic wilderness program in Utah and as a rock climbing guide for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Moving to in Colorado in 2003, Jen dedicated herself to yet another passion… the arts… and has built a career as an architect and graphic designer. Joining Dragons in 2012 as an instructor on the Visions of India semester, Jen quickly transitioned into the art director role.

Jen is a creative, a seeker of the world, and an educator at heart. Her love of climbing and skiing continues to draw her into the deserts and mountains of Colorado… as well as Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.