Hanna Jacobsen

Princeton Bridge Year On Site Director, Brazil

B.A. Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
M.A. Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara

As an undergrad, Hanna studied sociocultural anthropology, exploring the formation of spiritual identity in Rastafari, Garifuna and Candomblé communities in the Caribbean and in Brasil. At this time, she also became aware of and troubled by the ills of water privatization and inequality of access to water, and became intrigued with learning about solutions, particularly in the developing world.
Hanna’s master’s program focused on water resources management, with an emphasis on access to ample and clean water supply. She spent a summer working for Projeto Saùde e Alegria on the Tapajós River in the Brazilian Amazon, where she provided water quality analysis, as well as water purification and basic sanitation/hygiene education for riverside communities. She also spent two summers as a Dragons educator for the Sustainable Future summer program in Brasil.
Hanna’s passion, found at the nexus of community, health and water, inspired her to initiate a community-based sanitation project in Fortaleza, Brazil, where she spent a year (’11-’12) as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. Hanna continues to live in Fortaleza, where, as an active member of Equipe Terra, she has been coordinating and expanding Projeto Ecológico de Esgoto, which constructs black and grey water bioremediation systems and provides environmental education in the community of Morro de Sandra’s. Hanna is a certified Permaculture designer, enjoys surfing her favorite local spot, Praia do Futuro, and is also a part-time passista (samba dancer) in the Oya Brasil Samba Show.