Chris Limburg

Himalaya Instructor

BA, Religion, New College of Florida
MS, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
ABD, Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison

When Chris first went to the Himalaya, he had no idea where it was. It was Buddhist ontology, an alternate way of thinking about the world, that took him to Nepal. There, he studied Tibetan language and philosophy in Kathmandu and then a small monastery in Solu-Khumbu. That time in the mountains, translating a text about the time of death and rebirth; Chris’s perspective shifted. The big questions for him began to move from concern with the mechanics of reality to the spaces of mind.

In pursuit of sketching the shape of mind–and heart–Chris returned to the Himalaya repeatedly as a student, teacher, researcher, tourist, guide, development worker, friend, and practitioner. Different perspectives produce different knowledges and skills. His approach is intellectual rigor with the soft eyes of kindness. Chris’s teachers emphasize a balance of wisdom and compassion and so too does he.

When not walking up a mountain or sitting in practice, Chris enjoys Ultimate, digital media production, and data analysis in Madison, Wisconsin.

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