Chris Casuccio

Central America Instructor

B.A. History, B.A. Philosophy; M.A. Communications

Chris was born and raised on Long Island to 2 accountants (and later partially raised by a stepmother who was also an accountant!). He thus learned from a young age to be responsible, thoughtful and consider the fortune (literally!) and well-being of others. With an itch to connect and learn from others, Chris ventured on his first solo backpacking trip after graduating from high school. On that first trip he discovered that travel was a wonderful, mysterious, expansive and transformative experience, and has since spent considerable time in Norway, England, Eastern Europe and Nicaragua.

He studied history and philosophy in College and encountered the immense joy of discussing the nature of humanity, the universe, ethics and politics, what makes a good life, and innumerable other topics. After graduating, Chris spent 5 years with the Fulbright program as an advisor to Foreign students, supporting thousands of students as they built bridges of peace across cultures. During that time he also participated in a host of alternative and off-the-beaten-track educational projects, from an eclectic graduate school in the mountains to community social centers to a small psychoanalytic school to experiments in pedagogy during the Occupy movement. He has spent considerable time the last year or two studying social movements and pedagogical philosophy (mostly in Latin America).

In his free time, Chris can usually be found doing yoga, reading (or reciting!) poetry or somewhere with friends in New York City having a lively discussion about the latest pedagogical theories or some current events topic!