Travel Abroad Program in Nepal
Boudhanath Stupa. Photo by Benjamin Felser.
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What are the Benefits of Traveling Abroad

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Kimberly Manning

While the benefits of traveling abroad may range a bit for each individual, there are numerous things to consider when planning a trip overseas. Traveling abroad opens up perspective, shifts expectations, and broadens understanding of the world and how communities all over are influenced by modern living. Not only does international travel expand one’s global perspective, but it also offers the opportunity to be immersed in a new culture, new language, and new lifestyle. 

If you’re on the fence about a Summer Abroad, Gap Year, or college abroad program, consider the personal and professional benefits of traveling abroad. Where There Be Dragons programs focus on responsible travel, immersive learning, and hands-on experiences while abroad. 

4 Benefits of Traveling Abroad

Discover yourself and your true passions

Traveling abroad can open up doors you never knew existed, broadening your mind and uncovering hidden passions. Gap Year and study abroad programs offer a structured travel plan to learn from local communities, engage in meaningful discussions, and traverse the world’s most iconic cities and natural wonders. Step out of your comfort zone of home and technology to uncover a new way of life and learn about yourself and what you value. 

Meet new people from new cultures

When traveling abroad with Dragons, students are matched with homestay families where they can gain intimate knowledge of the culture and way of life. With their homestay families, students can develop meaningful connections. These connections offer a transformative experience to understand what it means to live responsibly as a global citizen.

Receive hands-on learning 

Study abroad and Gap Year programs offer the ability to learn outside of a traditional classroom. Hands-on learning breaks down barriers and encourages education through immersive experiences. From intensive language study to learning service to trekking to visits to religious and spiritual hubs, hands-on learning exposes students to subjects and experiences without distractions. These real-world experiences are beneficial for personal growth, career path discovery, and professional development. 

Explore diverse and iconic landscapes

From the Andes to the Himalayas, the natural world boasts magnificent scenery, rich biodiversity, incredible history, and dense culture of those who have resided in these communities for generations. Traveling abroad opens up endless possibilities to view the world’s most iconic and dramatic landscapes, all of which have a present and important role in the history of the planet. Learn about the food and resources available in these regions and the indigenous communities that still nurture the land today.

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