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Best Ways to Learn Spanish With Confidence

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Kimberly Manning

One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to travel to a Spanish-speaking country to experience the language hands-on. There are few other skills that offer the same level of empowerment and compassion as learning another language. If you’re looking to build your skills and understanding of Spanish, consider Where There Be Dragons language study programs.

Where There Be Dragons gap year, high school abroad, and independent spring programs include immersive language study components. While students aren’t expected to arrive with a comprehensive understanding of the local language, it’s encouraged to build these skills during the program. From interacting with locals to personalized language instruction, language study is a core component of all programs.

3 Best Ways to Learn Spanish

Immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking community

By immersing yourself in a Spanish speaking community, it’s likely you’ll gain deep confidence and understanding of the language with time, patience, and practice. Not only that, but students will also gain cultural context.

Just as much as grammar and vocabulary are important, culture has a profound impact on communication and verbiage. This cultural context is like navigating the language basics with understanding of the meaning behind the words. 

Intensive language study

Intensive language study provides a space for students to dive into the language on a consistent basis. Dragons language intensive courses offer up to 4 hours of daily instruction in a small group setting for students to engage and develop a deep understanding. Consistency is key to learning and growing skills quickly. 

Daily conversations in Spanish

Just as cultural context is an integral component of grasping the Spanish language, so are daily conversations in Spanish. It’s helpful to hear the natural cadence of how locals speak and communicate with one another. Students are encouraged to have conversations with locals and their host family to gain confidence in speaking.

Whether students are building connections with their host family, locals in the community, or fellow students in the program, daily communication in Spanish builds empowerment and live-long language skills. 


Where There Be Dragons offers language intensive programs for students in Guatemala (gap year and summer program), Boliva, and South America.

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