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Announcing Our 2023 Public Global Speaker Series

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Alex Biddle

Impromptu teaching in the Himalayas

Impromptu teaching in the Himalayas. Photo by Arvin Dang, Instructor.

We’re celebrating our 11th year of the Global Speaker Series! Each year our best teachers—with years of international education experience—speak in classrooms  across the United States to share their perspectives and insights with students ready to engage with critical and compelling global questions. While we used to do this for schools only, this year we’re really excited to offer these talks to anyone who would like to join. Our 2022/2023 virtual global speaker series includes a range of talks focusing on topics such as climate change, advocacy through story, and learning service.

Select one (or many!) of our free 60-min global talks (free talks are listed below – click on the title to register for the talk on Zoom) that are funded by Dragons and offer the opportunity to engage with critical global conversations. If you’re an educator interested in booking a talk for your classroom, you can do that here. Again, these are talks are open to anyone (general public) who is interested in learning more about one of these topics.

Please note that most of these talks are on Tuesdays at 5pm MST, but some deviate from that schedule to accommodate speakers’ time zones and availability.

2023 Global Speaker Series – Upcoming Talks

Commodity, Community or Sacred: A Multicultural Perspective on Fresh Water

May 5th, 5pm MST

The most abundant component of the earth, inherently valuable and fundamental to any ecosystem: water. One of the most pressing social issues of our time, it is a multidimensional resource, sometimes perceived as an economic good, sometimes as a common good and for some communities as a living being or a sacred spirit. This talk is a journey through different contexts and cultures, perceptions and possibilities that coexist around fresh water.

Speaker: Itza Martinez de Eulate Lanza, M.A. Water Science and Integrated Management, Universidad de Barcelona | B.A. Environmental Engineer, Universidad Centro Americana (UCA) in Managua, Nicaragua | Instructor in Biointensive Growing Method by Ecology Action in Willits, California, USA

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