Itza Martinez de Eulate Lanza

Latin America Instructor

M.A. Water Science and Integrated Management, Universidad de Barcelona.
B.A. Environmental Engineer, Universidad Centro Americana (UCA) in Managua, Nicaragua.
Instructor in Biointensive Growing Method by Ecology Action in Willits, California, USA.

Itzá is the younger of two children born to Spanish-Nicaraguan during the Sandinista revolution. Born and raised in Managua during the final days of the 20-year revolutionary war, she had the privilege of a childhood in a democratic and “peaceful” country, something novel to her parents.

From a very young age she traveled the country accompanying her mother, who specialized in administrative and indigenous law and developed a particular interest for the natural environment, which led to studies in Environmental Quality Engineering at the Universidad Centro Americana in Managua, where she specialized in wastewater treatment plants design. During the five years of her studies, Itzá was drawn to fieldwork, learning directly about socio-environmental problems from the people who worked in the sugar and shrimp industries in Guatemala and experience working for both companies and NGOs managing watershed health projects between three Central American Countries. Itzá was particularly inspired by her four years at the Centro de Entendimiento con la Naturaleza (CEN) where she managed the Macizo de Peñas Blancas Nature Reserve and began to learn about decentralized water management and the impacts of coffee production on water resources. This led to a position with the Mayor’s Office in El Tuma, Nicaragua where she worked directly with over 200 coffee farms on the management of wastewater.

Through her love for plants and the natural world, Itzá also developed a passion for food security, which led her to a two-year deep dive program in biointensive gardening and work throughout Nicaragua as an agroecology instructor. Through her exposure to agrarian issues throughout the region, she returned to the same conclusion: water is the keystone that holds together food security and social stability in Nicaragua and throughout the world. As a result, Itzá traveled to Ecuador, Perú, Guatemala and Costa Rica pursuing further work and studies in her two passions: food security and water management. 

Most recently, Itzá moved to Barcelona, where she completed a two-year master’s degree in Water Science and Integrated Management and worked as a technician in a Bioindication laboratory, using microorganisms to determine water quality. She also worked with the Terrassa Water Observatory, an amphibious organization that mixes components of civil society and public administration and helped develop the Water Observatory of Barcelona (under construction) and collaborate with the social movement “Water is Life,” an umbrella organization for those fighting for democratization of water management.

Itzá currently works as a field technician in the control network of surface sources in Catalonia and is an active member of the New Water Culture Foundation of Spain, where she is a member of the Observatory of Public Policies of the foundation.

Itzá loves cooking regional food, from the places she has visited, doing yoga, taking care of her plants, reading, watching series and movies, going out dancing and, above all, going to the countryside to talk and engage with rivers or with the sea.