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Where There Be Dragons Director of Student Programming, Aaron Slosberg, was interviewed on Santa Cruz-based podcast What To Be.

What To Be podcastHere is an excerpt from the episode:

“We talk about this ‘sage on the stage’ type education where this traditional model of teaching and learning is that you have an expert who has the answers and as the student, your job is to be this passive recipient of knowledge from that expert.

So that person is the kind of ‘sage’ who is transmitting that knowledge to you.

Whereas we really believe that we are facilitators and we are creating and presenting opportunities for our students to discover that learning on their own.

So our role is really to set the stage, so we say we are ‘guides on the sides’ rather than the ‘sage on the stage’.

So we are in the circle with the students ensuring that it’s a safe experience and also we have a really intentional progression of learning and challenges that we are trying to put the students through.

But the actual engagement and learning, it’s really up to the students to do that on their own and engage with opportunities rather than sitting up there and lecturing them…that’s going to happen in a much more organic way.” — Aaron Slosberg

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts.

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