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What Does Studying Abroad Do For You?

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Kimberly Manning

The benefits of studying abroad are virtually endless. Immersing yourself in an unfamiliar country and culture offers boundless opportunities to discover who you are as a person and understand the vastness of the world. Study abroad programs help students develop a growth mindset, resiliency, and empathy toward others who experience life in a different way. Students are able to gain a global perspective that is hard to find elsewhere. 

Dragons study abroad programs allow for reflection and deep understanding through our unfiltered and immersive travel programs. If you’re considering whether the benefits of studying abroad align with your personality and goals, discover our favorite reasons to take the leap. 

5 Benefits of Studying Abroad

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Learn a New Language

Learning a new language has a myriad of benefits, including building problem solving skills, improved memory, strengthened cognitive skills, and enhanced creative abilities. Studying another language improves your communication in general, making it easier for you to engage with people from all walks of life. It also enhances your world view and perspective as well as improves your understanding of your native language. 

Experience a Different Culture

Study abroad provides exposure to diverse arts and traditions, evolving cross-cultural competencies and broadening overall perspective. Exposure to new lifestyles through responsible travel builds compassion and cultural sensitivity, and Dragons programs are carefully designed to allow full immersion into the experience. For students, the experience varies based on the location in which they are visiting. Oftentimes they are left with increased knowledge of social justice, environmental awareness, and advocacy. 

Meet People From Diverse Backgrounds

Students who attend Dragons study abroad programs meet people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world. Each participant is matched to a homestay with a local family while living near other participants who can connect and share in the experience. From locals to the fellow students, individuals have the opportunity to meet others who share a common sense of community, connection, and adventure. The bond created via study abroad is one-of-a-kind. 

Discover New Things About Yourself

walking through hallway with colorful flags overheadWithout technology or your everyday support system, students are able to open up a world of possibility to discover more about themselves. Through opportunity to adapt to the unexpected and unfamiliar, comfort grows from the discomfort over time. Students are able to appreciate being unplugged and engulfed in a new experience. This breeds self-reliance, humility, empathy, and awareness of privilege. It’s common to arrive back home with increased self-confidence and self-reliance. 

Education and Career Advancement

In addition to the personal benefits, study abroad programs open up career opportunities and promote on-going education. Study abroad builds critical thinking and decision making ability, as well as conflict resolution and improved communication skills. While studying abroad may have nothing to do with overall career goals, it can provide students with essential skills to be successful in the workplace.

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