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Tufts Civic Semester in Partnership with Dragons

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We’re super excited to see and share this announcement from Tufts University.

Here’s an excerpt from The Tuft’s Daily article titled, Tufts Civic Semester to Offer Overseas Service Opportunities to Incoming First-Years:

“Civic Semester is intended to be embedded in the academic experience at Tufts,’ McAndrew said.

The program is fully funded by tuition, and all financial aid that a student receives is applied to the Civic Semester, Dean of Tisch College Alan Solomont said.

“[The Civic Semester] really should be open to all students,” Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Jim Glaser said.

Students participating in the program will complete on-campus orientation with their fellow classmates in September, according to Glaser. Glaser expressed his belief that completing regular orientation on campus with students who are not participating in the program will be a positive experience.

“They will go through orientation with all of the students they come back to,” Glaser said. “The beauty of this is that it … allows students to have a full [orientation] experience.”

Tisch College partnered up with Where There Be Dragons, a well-known program provider for academic gap semesters and years, according to Solomont.

“[Tisch College] looked at all the programs who do this just to pick the best one,” Solomont said.

In the program’s first year, it will admit 25 students. However, Solomont said that there is room for growth in the program, saying that it could expand to 100 more students in future years.”

Head over to the Tufts Daily to read more about the exciting new Civic Semester!



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