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Interview with Dragons Alumni on TVJ Smile Jamaica

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We are loving this interview with Dragons students Danielle (South America Semester Alum ’19) and Chinelle (Nepal College Study Abroad Alum ’19) that played on Jamaican National TV this week. The discussion exploring their Gap Year experiences is well worth your six minutes to watch!

Ps. Danielle was a recipient of Dragons scholarships. Dragons Fund scholarships are generated entirely from the donations of generous Dragons alumni, instructors, and staff. You can learn more about how the fund ensures access for all students, regardless of their financial circumstances at: dragonsfund.org.

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  1. Donna Samake |

    Thank you for sharing this interview! My daughter whose name is also Danielle is currently on a GAP Year program with Princeton University through Where There Be Dragons and is India! Her first choice was Senegal, India was second. Great job Danielle and Chinelle. I’m glad you went and enjoyed your experience. Your generation is world changing and I am happy to see that you are not afraid to go out there and explore the horizon. All the best to you and may God bless and guide your interesting life’s journeys!

    PS: You have made me feel less anxious about Danielle being away in India!

  2. Danielle Mullings |

    Thank you for the well wishes!
    I hope Danielle enjoys her experience too. It takes a lot of courage to embark on these programs.
    Kudos to you for allowing your daughter to be adventurous and take on the world!


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