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First Night Home: A Poem, by Anna Apilado

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Anna Apilado

A lovely poem shared with us by Anna Apilado, Alumnus of the Morocco Summer 2017 Program... 

Waking up
to a different ceiling and scent
is at first a little disorienting.
How can I be 6,000 miles away from yesterday?
How are these people so unaware of the world out there?
Perhaps airports are portals that transport us too quickly,
causing E-motion sickness,
making my stomach feel the loneliness
and longing for what was once in our hands just a few hours ago.
Now, the sand is shaking off the pockets of my daypack,
scent of tea seeping out through my stuff sacks,
the odor of Tide in my hand-washed T-shirts,
red soil continues to penetrate in my boots and skirts,
and memories begin to unpack itself as I emptied my backpack.


Poem by Anna Apilado, Summer 2017 Alumni of the Morocco Program


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