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Experiential Education in Action: “Sculpting” Videos made at Er Fo Temple, China

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Tingting, China Instructor

Experiential Education involves the use of hands-on exercises that engage multiple senses and learning styles.

For a fun example of what this looks like on a Dragons course, check out this “Metacognition” exercise in action on Dragons China: The Yangtze River summer program, subtitled, “Games to Visualize our Thinking” as facilitated by Zack Siddall and described by Tingting Xu

Er Fo Temple is famous for its Chan Buddhist sculptures. Before leaving the temple, Zack organized a game with the intention of guiding students towards more awareness of their thinking and decision making processes – an important step before entering a mega city, like Chongqing, after a quiet and peaceful time at Er Fo Temple. The process of “sculpting each other” was a lot of fun for the group and helped them get to know each other even better as the journey continues. Hope you enjoy the video as much as we (instructors) enjoyed watching! – Tingting

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