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Photo by Japhy Dhungana, instructor.
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Latin America Travel and Study Abroad

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Kimberly Manning

Latin America boasts diverse culture, people, and landscapes, offering a truly unique setting for travel and study abroad. This region is an eclectic melting pot of cultures, ethnic groups, and language groups. From the ancient indigenous cultures who still call this region home today to the abundant natural resources and stunning ecosystems that dot Latin America, the countries in this region of the world are bountiful. Students who choose Latin America travel for study abroad or gap year programs will discover a blend of ancient lifestyles amid contemporary living. 

Peru Festival

Celebrating a Peruvian festival. Photo by Matthew King.

Latin America Travel and Study Abroad 

Discover Diverse Ecosystems 

Travel through the Peruvian Andes and Amazon and explore the beautiful setting of this region while hiking, camping, canoeing, and rural village stays. Experience the biodiversity of this region from the high Andes to the Caribbean rainforest to the beautiful Lake Atitlan. Students can travel the Madre de Dios River to learn about forest ecology and the local flora and fauna, or trek through the Sacred Valley to witness some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

Improve Spanish Language Skills

Programs throughout Latin America include formal and informal study of the Spanish language. While each program and location vary slightly, each program features intensive language study. In addition, students are encouraged to deepen their cultural understanding and conversational language skills by speaking Spanish in home stays and throughout daily activities. 

Travel Program in Guatemala

Language learning in Guatemala. Photo by Matt S.

Navigate Social Justice Issues

Students have the opportunity to support community projects and local movements while learning to understand the region’s social challenges, adaptation to climate change, migration, land use, and more. Learn about modernization and globalization of Latin America and how tourism impacts the indigenous community, land, and people, as well as how sustainable agriculture and grassroots organizations are mitigating impact. 

Students will also learn about the impacts of large-scale resource extraction with local communities and understand pressures to develop communities throughout Latin America.

Visit Ancient Ruins and Learn Spirituality

Latin America was the land of the Incan and Mayan people and even today these ancient cultures are present as they juxtapose the modern world. Students will learn about the connection to the earth, Mayan spirituality, Andean culture, and religious worldviews. During Peruvian travel, students may visit the ancient Incan village of the Lost City of Machu Picchu, which is among the world’s most iconic and impressive sites.

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