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Cultural Immersion Trips for Adults

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Nicole Adams

Cultural Immersion trips provide people of any age, including adults, with an opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions on a person-to-person level. These types of programs are not vacations or service trips, they are off the beaten path, experience based and flexibly curated journeys that enable folks to see the world through a different lens. 

What is a Cultural Immersion Trip?

It’s easy to continue to do things you’re familiar with, to eat the same foods, practice the same rituals and traditions you learned from your family, and interact with people you know that have a similar background, and are interested in the same things. When you travel, you might be tempted to choose a trip with a well-worn route, comfortable accommodations and a clearly defined itinerary, but this tick-box type of travel actually shields you from seeing the very culture and landscape that you set out to explore. 

Cultural immersion is a different and unique way to travel in the world, it involves integrating yourself into another culture, living and interacting with locals and truly understanding them. This type of experience offers deep insight into another country and culture, its language, food, beliefs, traditions and community. There’s less emphasis on traveling and sight-seeing and more focus on staying and actively participating in the community you’ve chosen. 

Every destination has its own spirit and unique beauty from its customs, traditions and folk tales, to its dance, art, language and food. These immersion trips usually include living in a homestay with a local family, preparing and eating traditional meals, and learning to speak in a different way. Cultural immersion is an exchange that is a two way street, you will also have an opportunity to teach those around you the rituals and beliefs that are important to you. 

Will I Benefit from a Cultural Immersion Trip as an Adult?

A cultural immersion trip can be a beautiful experience no matter your age. You simply need an open mind, an interest in learning about another place and culture, and a willingness to face and overcome potential challenges with the support of your homestay family and trip leaders. We have the ability to learn new things and grow throughout our entire lives, so rest assured that age should never be a limiting factor when it comes to traveling and even learning a new language. 

Language immersion programs geared towards adults are quite common. Children grasp language more quickly than adults because they absorb it intuitively whereas a grownup is more likely to try and compare and translate what they’re learning to their first language. While these learning styles are different, it is absolutely possible to learn new languages as an adult, and one of the best ways to do so is through an immersion program where you will have a family to help guide and support you. 

Traveling, especially abroad and learning a new language can be intimidating at any age, but the resulting experience is truly rewarding and possibly even life changing. Choosing a cultural immersion trip allows you to learn at your own pace and have an authentic experience rich in cultural appreciation. 

Where There Be Dragons offers several group travel programs specifically for adults. Whether you’ve been a traveler your whole life, or are just getting started, we can help you decide which of our one of a kind programs is best for you. Call 800.982.9203 or contact us today. 

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