Environmental & Social Responsibility

Caring for the earth and its inhabitants


At Dragons, we understand that human life is fundamentally dependent on a healthy planet. As climate change threatens the plants, animals, and people of our global community, Dragons is taking stock of our contribution to this climate crisis. We are committed to the challenge, through old and new solutions, of reducing our harmful impacts and fostering restorative relationships with the Earth.


Dragons is committed to cross-cultural education as a tool for breaking down barriers and enhancing understanding between people and communities around the world. As such, we strive to increase diversity, equity, and inclusivity within our community of administrative staff, field instructors, student body, and in-country partners. We acknowledge that the work of international education carries inherent imbalances with regard to issues of race, class, gender, privilege and power, and we aim to nurture a community of critical self-reflection and awareness of these themes and the way they impact our work.

Our commitments to the environment and to diversity, equity, and inclusion are demonstrated by, though not limited to, to the following:


Carbon Offsetting

Dragons began offsetting 100% of our administrative carbon footprint in 2019.Starting in 2020, tuition includes carbon offsets for flights to and from programs. We recognize offsets are not a cure-all climate solution, yet they offer a crucial strategy for harm reduction as we reduce our environmental impact through a variety of initiatives.


Dragons Fund

In 2014, we launched the Dragons Fund, a non-profit 501c3 entity of the COMMON Foundation. The Fund provides need-based scholarships to attend Dragons programs, making it possible for individuals who would otherwise not have access. Dragons matches the total donations raised in discounted tuition for participants receiving scholarships each year.


Financial Aid

To ensure the benefits of cross-cultural education are more accessible to participants from diverse and underserved backgrounds, we aim to provide financial aid packages to 20% of our participant body. To further increase our reach, Dragons partners with Summer Search, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and Gateway to College.


Community Grant Fund

In an effort to give back to our incredible community partners, Dragons created the Community Grant Fund. Annually, our partner communities, organizations, and individuals can apply for these funds for ongoing projects or new initiatives, allowing us to reciprocate the support they show to our groups. You can learn more about our Community Grant Fund and past recipients on the Dragons Blog.


B-Corp Certification

As a certified B-Corp, Dragons is serious about its commitment to social and environmental justice. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability…” Learn more about Dragons B-Corp Certification and impact report.


Safety & Health