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What Sets Apart Dragons’ Expert Study Abroad Instructors

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Kimberly Manning

Where There Be Dragons travel programs offer students an opportunity to live, study, and grow while abroad in communities throughout the world. These programs offer educational benefits and opportunities for personal growth through hands-on experiences and carefully curated program components. One of the most integral pieces of the puzzle is the quality of instructors that participate in Where There Be Dragons programs. 

Experiential Education in Indonesia

Dragons instructor Stew Motta leading a discussion on complex and interconnected social issues. Indonesia Semester.

Our dedicated instructors are highly educated and connected to the community where our programs take place, understanding the intricacies of the communities in great depth. One of the main goals of all Dragons programs is to ensure that students and educators are travelers, not tourists. Instructors help students learn how to minimize environmental and cultural impact by traveling responsibly and deepening their understanding of the area’s language and context. 

Returning instructors build lasting relationships with communities

Where There Be Dragons has a high retention rate of instructors at 80 percent returning each year, and 60 percent contributing to three or more programs. Highly experienced and familiar with Dragons program components, our instructors understand the intention behind each experience and are well-versed in cultural nuances. Instructors develop relationships with the communities and are able to facilitate curriculum and guide interactions with local organizations and leaders. 

Dedication to global responsibility through ongoing education

Ongoing education remains a priority for our instructors to gain new training skills and learn about issues from a global scale. Educator programs through Where There Be Dragons contain integral skills for cross-cultural programs, including how to authentically engage with communities throughout the world, build relationships with others, drive conversations about critical topics and issues, and consideration of global impact through education. 

Where There Be Dragons Summer and Gap programs in 2023 are open for enrollment. Discover one of our educational programs located in communities throughout the world, including Taiwan, Nepal, British Columbia, Lake Superior, Senegal, and beyond.

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