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Traveling in Morocco: What to Expect While Studying Abroad

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Kimberly Manning

Located in North Africa, Morocco is a culturally rich and ecologically diverse country that sits at the crossroads of Middle Eastern, African, and European cultures. Morocco boasts a mystical essence that is palpable throughout the country. From the rugged terrain of the Atlas Mountains to the imperial cities of Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Fes, the country is diverse in its land and its people. 

Summer Travel Abroad Morocco Where There Be Dragons

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What to Know When Traveling in Morocco

When traveling in Morocco, students are exposed to the great diversity of people who live here, dominant social issues, and local ways of life. This region along the western-most edge of the Arab world boasts warm hospitality, stunning natural landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich traditions.


Morocco is known for its unrivaled hospitality, whether traveling in urban centers or small villages. Families welcome guests into their homes as if they are relatives, making sure everyone feels at home. Travelers feel boundless generosity from Moroccan people. When staying with a Moroccan family, it’s common to always have a full belly of food and tea.


Moroccan Arabic (Darija) is spoken by the majority of the population of Morocco. Another popular language spoken in Morocco is Berber, which is a native language spoken in informal settings. Students on Where There Be Dragons programs in Morocco will work toward fluency and build vocabulary with formal and conversational classes 2-3 times a week while traveling.

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From the beaches along the North Atlantic Ocean to the mountain peaks of the Atlas and down to the Sahara desert, the terrain is as diverse as the people of Morocco. The country of Morocco comprises three unique ecosystems in the ocean, mountain, and desert landscapes. 

Faith and Traditions

Islam is the most dominant religion in Morocco. Islamic culture and faith can be both seen and heard throughout city centers and small villages. Witness the beauty of ornately decorated mosques that draw locals as their place of worship, and experience the impact of religion on daily activities, culture, and traditions among both the indigenous Amazigh and Arab peoples. 

Art and Culture

Moroccan arts and culture is a melting pot of inspiration from North African, Mediterranean, French, Indian, Italian, and Swedish influences. Morocco is known for its vibrant colors and intricately detailed artwork, design, decor, and architecture styles. Rug weaving, shoemaking, carving, and jewelry making are common decorative arts handmade in Morocco.

Where There Be Dragons currently hosts two travel programs in Morocco, including a four-week summer abroad program and a three-month gap year program

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